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Kevin Gervais

Touchless Inc.
Founder & CTO
I make things go fast ⚡️. I also work on building a better world for people on the autism spectrum, one digital transformation at a time.

Some bg: Tech investor, serial entrepreneur - focus areas are edge computing, headless/JAMstack, GraphQL and Twilio messaging experiences for enterprise. Key industries: B2B SaaS, banking, telco, auto, trades. I tend to partner vs build.

Spent the last 8 years in telecom (Fortune 500 clients + deploying to thousands of stores) and now taking the playbook into other sectors when useful. And acquire domains across a number of categories.

- Launched TextKit (by Statflo) an open SDK to embed compliant messaging into any workflow or app, at Twilio Signal (Sep 2020). Takes what $BB companies are doing and makes it accessible to anyone.
- Founded Statflo and hired a CEO as we surpassed $5M ARR to continue scaling the business: trusted by major Tier 1 telecom operators, large retailers with 1000+ locations, and banks. Raised over $25M to create the compliant outreach category since 2012. Advised on technology and product as they further scaled and entered new markets and surpassed $10M ARR.
- Previously founded and scaled several agencies that served dealerships, mid-size businesses and e-commerce. Two were acquired.
- Currently or previously served over 350 clients across several industries, some with robust transformation projects involving selecting and integrating Hasura, Shopify, Magento, AEM, SFDC, HubSpot, Zendesk, Twilio Flex etc.

Quarantine passions: green screen work, AI-generated art, composing, playing piano, research, data science, product development, marketing, partnering, branding, solution engineering, using my D850.

Outside quarantine: working with an autistic family member, speaking about things (headless design, human-centric brand experiences, marketing stacks, mental health, and surviving ADHD, something I continually struggle with). You’d also find me skiing, learning street photography, and poorly surfing.

First SaaS business: car wash subscriptions at the age of 10 to the neighborhood, then charging a monthly fee for access to my notes while at UofW via funkynotes.com.

First websites and apps since age 7 via AppleScript then Dreamweaver. Used Photoshop since version 3.

First Door to door and cold calling sales since age 12. Refuse to sell anything not of value.

First B2C conversational marketing & SMS messaging solutions since 2006, pre-Twilio

Travelled to over 23 countries and 200+ cities, logging 300k miles in 2 years. But no desire to repeat that, haha.

My Speakers Sessions

Monday, November 8

4:00pm EST


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